Gang Is The Most Dangerous Gang Essay examples

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In this paper we will be telling you things about gangs we have found out. We also gave a little history of how the word came to be, why it was created, when was it created, what was the first major gang, and is it still around? We will then talk about the type of gangs there are, who is the most dangerous gang, purpose of a gang, and where some of them located. What is a gang? A gang is group of criminals. Gang is not always used as a bad term. You can refer to your group of friends or your group, as your “gang”. The word ‘gang’ comes from the word ‘gegen’ which means ‘journey ’or ‘go’ in German. Gangs of outlaws came into common usage by Shakespeare’s time. Frederic Thrasher gave the word its meaning in the 1920s and made gang into a term which meant ‘kids of the street’. Studies have shown that gangs of highway robbers have existed since the 17th century. But gangs have existed as early as the 14th century or even the 12th century, but it does not have the features of modern-day street gangs that do drive-by and killing people for drugs and other unnecessary killings. The first gangs were not criminal at all. They engaged in violence, but violence was always a part of their environment; turf warfare was the condition of the neighborhood. You could say the Asians created the first major gang in the 17th century, called the Triad also known as the Hung Mun, Tien Tei Wei (Heaven and Earth Society), or San Hwo Hui (Three United Society)They were created for…

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