Essay on Gandhi 's Influence On The World

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Gandhi and his influence in the world
Mahatma Gandhi is a man who has made history in the world with the mare expression of himself. He believed in revealing himself to the world and letting the world describe him for who he really was. This is what he termed as realizing oneself. Through writing and speaking, Gandhi was able to paint a clear picture of his mind, heart and soul. He revealed his thoughts and ideas without secrecy as he regarded this as one of the factors that limited the freedom of a man. Through this action, Gandhi was able to influence the world in a great way. This is a research paper that gives insight on the life of Gandhi and how he was able to influence the world.
Gandhi was born on the second of October in Porbandar in 1869. This was also where he passed his childhood and had the same experiences as other children. Gandhi had often described his father as a brave man who loved his clan and above all was truthful. His mother, on the other hand has been described as a religious woman (Fischer 24). His parents must have then played a major role in instilling the virtues that he would later strongly advocate for and what would make him very influential in India as well as in the civilized world. Gandhi, from the very beginning believed in the truth as he did not tell even a single lie to either his teachers or to his classmates. He always thought had of his actions and the repercussion of those actions. He was a…

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