Gain Without Pain Is Worthless ! Essay

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Gain without pain is worthless! Growing up, I have learned that when someone refuses to put in an effort to the things they supposed to learn, he/she might likely be a failure and will always find it difficult to succeed. To me, I find that to be absolutely true! Why? Looking back at Benjamin Franklin’s quote “There is no gain without pain” and how it applies to today’s college students, speaks directly to me because college student such as myself has to go through a lot of challenges, sacrifices and mostly pain in order to graduate, but at the end, there are lots of achievements and gains due to not giving up. As a child growing up, all what have been taught to me mostly in my family is that there will always be suffering before succeeding and in order to make it in life, schooling/education is the pathway. As a student, responsibility will always be a priority despite how the circumstances might be. Born and raised in West Africa, Nigeria, education isn’t an easy task to handle. I have to endure a lot of pain in which every month, the principal of my middle school always whip my butt five times, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,….., then sent me home to my parents all because I didn’t pay for my school tuition and sometimes pay late. If the governments have paid more attention to people/citizen needs, I won’t have had any problems dealing with school payment because my mom would have a better job. Reflecting this type of pain now that I’m a college student schooling in the United…

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