Future of Policing Essay

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Policing, like many other career fields, have been affected by the technology and social networking boom of the twenty-first century. In the past 50 years, policing has undergone a level of scrutiny it has never known before. Issues that plague the organization as a whole are displayed on the evening news. The accomplishments and shortfalls have become a nationwide issue. As communications continue to move at the blink of an eye, law enforcement must continue its struggle to rise above the issues and defeat them. Concerning issues that will continue to affect law enforcement include increased immigration and community relations, the dark cloud of corruption, along with a recently developed relationship with federal agencies in the War on …show more content…
Police departments view this request as not only adding to their workload but also as interfering in the relationship that they have built with the community (Walker & Katz, 2011). It is a pressing issue that will not go away in the foreseeable future as many more immigrants continue to cross American borders illegally.
The ever present problem of police corruption can plague even the smallest of departments. With the position of power that is given to police, corruption was a likely outcome. Some individual officers may take part in illegal activities or it may be a much larger systemic issue that can effect a whole department (Walker & Katz, 2011). It is a trend that all department would like to see dissipate. Every few decades, corruption comes into the spotlight like in the case of the Rodney King riots that were sparked by officers beating King after a traffic stop. Corruption has an effect on community relations because community members lose respect not just for the officers involved but the whole system.
Efforts to curb corruption are going to be the key in future operations of law enforcement. In a society that is quickly losing rights to privacy due to terrorist activity, police are given more discretion and power. Departments throughout the years have conducted integrity tests and psychological evaluations to discover a corrupt individual officer. However, in order to truly fight corruption it must be stopped before it begins. One

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