Future Applications Of The Equal Protection Clause Essay example

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Future Applications of the Equal Protection Clause

The Equal Protection clause in the United States of America’s Constitution has long been a harbinger for controversy, in which events for the lesser of the two opponents always deteriorates before it remotely improves. With this in mind, flashback to the days of the writing and ratifying of the 14th amendment. The Caucasian people of that past world, would not and could not refer to themselves as anything other than superior to their African-American counterparts. When the oppressed and elite came to terms as equal, the elite could not stand it. Therefore creating the turn of events that led to segregation to keep the majority still regarding themselves as the cream of the crop and the minority protesting for equal rights for all. Now, take these circumstances with its rivals and the clause that started it all and apply it the equal citizen, inhabitant, or human of the future verses their technologically advanced opponent, the cyborg.
What is a Cyborg?
When the word cyborg is spoken many science fiction fanatics picture a half human-half robot that has a weaponized sonic cannon for an arm and mechanized shoulder plates that retract to reveal heat seeking missiles that create ash piles of their foes. When, in reality, a cyborg according to Kosta Grammatis an engineer who worked on the EyeBorg project is “your grandma with a hearing aid, her replacement hip, and anyone who runs around with one of those Bluetooth in-ear…

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