Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Essay

1192 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
I wish to be considered for an assignment as a Lieutenant within the Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Unit, Regional Operations & Intelligence Center (ROIC). Enlisted members of the Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Unit have the fundamental responsibility to facilitate information sharing between the ROIC, law enforcement and public entities, as well as, afford training opportunities for all members of the intelligence community. I believe my current role as the Division M.A.P.P.S Coordinator provides me with a solid foundation to transition into the position of Lieutenant in the posted vacancy. Additionally, I previously served within the Special Projects Unit and as an intelligence research analyst within the Street Gang Unit. I believe the cumulative effect of these experiences helped nurture the skills required to be successful in this position. Prior to becoming a state trooper, I was employed by the New Jersey State Police as an Intelligence Research Analyst for the Street Gang Unit, Intelligence Services Section. As an analyst, I was primarily responsible for intelligence reporting on the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN), the Ňetas, and other street gangs with an influence in New Jersey. I was also accountable for Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs including the Breed and Pagans. While in this position, I collected information from various sources including: state police detectives within the Street Gang Unit, outside law enforcement agencies,…

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