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Fusion Centers: A Step In The Right Direction

The formation of fusion centers is a step in the right direction to countering terrorist threats. By working efficiently and appropriately, information leading to arrests can be shared across county lines, state lines, and all around the world in a timely manner. Fusion centers can make law enforcement agencies more competent and effective in stopping crimes (to include terrorist attacks) before they take place. As long as the centers follow the laws they are governed by, they will remain ethical and can be a helpful addition in protecting the United States. Fusion centers in the United States perform a valuable role in countering terrorist threats, their positive influence far
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The Colorado State Patrol responded within fifteen minutes that they had apprehended a possible suspect. A separate lead was relayed to the fusion center that led to the suspect being linked to another device that had been partially detonated (3). Without the easy dissemination of information the case would not have progressed in the speedy manner it did. The possible suspect could have been released from custody, and then emplaced more bombs causing mass casualties before being arrested. This is a perfect example of local agencies working with state agencies in order to prevent a catastrophe. The fusion centers can also work with international partners in a positive way. In 2001, the fusion center, Alaska Information and Analysis Center, notified law enforcement of two potentially violent individuals who were thought to be possessing illegal weapons while attempting to cross the international border into Canada. Using liaisons with Canadian authorities, a US Border Police intelligence unit, and US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents, the vehicle was stopped at a port of entry. After a high-risk inspection of the vehicle, a unspecified weapon was discovered (4). If the information had not been disseminated in a timely manner to the proper agencies, the

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