Essay on Fusion Centers : Effective And Influence More Jurisdictions

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Fusion Centers Due to the attacks of 9/11, law enforcement felt they needed to start an intelligence sharing place to help reduce attacks such as this one in the future. This idea also led to the creation of fusion centers, an area to exchange information and intelligence. The fusion center is also capable of analyzing information from a variety of sources and deciding how to proceed. These centers can be found in police stations to help ease the process of sharing information, but the idea is still new. Executives hope the use of fusion centers will continue to prove effective and influence more jurisdictions to participate. Police Support Functions There are many functions used to help support the police and make them more efficient. The force is always recruiting new officers because of this they have a separate office for internal affairs that prevents favoritism or other issues arising within a specific department. Also, investigators are often not trusted by the police because they sometimes have to investigate one of their own. Officers take part in continuous training most of them average around one thousand hours. Police also talk to schools in order to reach out to the community and provide services to teach citizens how to better protect themselves. Improving Police Productivity Many changes have impacted the police departments due to budget cuts. These cuts force departments to maximize the people they have, but to also maintain skilled employees…

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