Essay on Fundamental Needs Of Human Beings

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Fundamental Needs of Human Beings:

Fundamental Needs Charts

We can use these charts in the classroom to study any group of people. The fundamental needs are central to our study of human beings. These charts are crucial to that study. Once human beings have met their physical and material needs then may focus on their material and spiritual territory. The material territory means the economy that a civilization has developed. Spiritual is the culture and customs of that territory. We bring in the fundamental needs anytime we talk about human beings.
We know they need to have their material needs met simply stay alive humans need food to keep the body alive, they need shelter, clothing, to protect them from the elements. We still need those same things today they needed defense to protect themselves.

Human beings are not just a physical body that needs food, clothing, and shelter. We also need intellect and love, we also have needs of the mind that have to be met. We have love and spiritand there are needs there that need to be met. We are a union of mind and body. The needs of our mind are never fully met. We keep searching further and keep thinking. Our mind keeps searching for another way or better way and keeps searching for understanding.

The child needs to be aware that the environment was prepared for the coming of humans. We want the child to be aware that the earth had to be created then prepared and it took a long time before humans could arrive.…

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