Essay Functionalist Perspective On Social Work

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The main themes from chapter one focused on the perspective of social work. The functionalist perspective which is sometimes called the structural functionalism and it is used to understand larger social system and the functioning of society as a whole. The functionalist perspective is importance to social work because functionalist sees a useful function in everything in society. According to the Human Behavior and The Larger Social Environment reading that includes elements, characteristics, or processes that most people would view as a negative, such as poverty or racial inequality. With the functionalist perspective I believe that social work services should work together to help find a solution for the existing system which is unfair. The Conflict perspective is based on the theory of division of class, gender, race, or other characteristics that restrict differences in social power as much as anything else. It is important to social workers because early social workers recognized structural inequality and oppression, but as a profession they have not until recently drawn upon the conflict perspective as a way to conceptualize human behavior in the social environment. I will use this in my future work as a social worker by empowering people who has been victims of harassment and oppression and helping them cope. Also help them with method to improve their ways of conflict resolution. According to the Human Behavior and the Larger Social Environment reading, the social…

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