Functionalist Perspective, Conflict Perspective And The Interactionist Perspective

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Sociology is the scientific study of behavior and groups of people. Sociology is the study of relationships and how those relationships can affect a person or cultures and their reaction or behavior. Sociology studies the relationship and how it grows and changes. There are three theoretical views that help us view a society in a different way other than the view we may already have based on our own culture and past exposure to situations. The three theoretical views are the functionalist perspective, conflict perspective and the interactionist perspective. They each are used to study a society but each differs in their views on a society, the individual, social order and social change. Functionalist perspective views society as a complex machine that each part contributes to making that machine work and achieve it’s function. This view looks at a society as a whole so at a macro perspective. Functionalist view see society as a whole and that it is stable and functions well. It views the individuals as connected social and each performs a part in the society to maintain that societies stability. Social order is achieved by cooperating with the other members of a society and also compliance. Functionalist view believes that change in the society is predictable and can be anticipated. Conflict perspective differs differs from each one of these categories except it also views society in a macro perspective. Conflict perspective views society in a perpetual conflict…

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