Functionalism In Pop Culture

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While the previous chapter discussed popular culture and its influence from the functionalism approach, this chapter examines it from the critical approach. The structure of this approach came from the ideas that Marx’s provided; both the social and economic structure of a society are a reflection of its culture and symbolic imagery (47). Cultural hegemony emerges as a result of power through persuasiveness; since society is nearly controlled by the mass media due to the fact that it creates like-mindedness through such persuasion (48). The mass media is then also responsible for how we tend to think as everything we have learned and been taught through media is embedded within our mindset. One positive outcome of the mass media constantly …show more content…
The power they hold is so great that they are even able to have influence within the government
4) Popular culture is responsible for inequality on a global scale (between countries) as well as a societal scale (within the culture). The images produced by the mass media contain discriminatory stereotypes (of women), minorities, and members of lower income.
5) Within pop culture, hegemonic power can be used as social control. Although we try and believe we are not impacted by media and pop culture when it always does
6) Based on the critical approach, “…the primary motivation designing and programming media and popular culture is money – not creativity, not free expression, not pleasure, and certainly not fun, but the unabashed pursuit of profit” (64)
3: Questions/comments for class discussion
1) If popular culture/mass media is lodged within us, is there anyway that we are able to escape/undo it so that we can examine things from an untainted perspective? If it is societally specific, are we able to “wipe it clean” by immersing ourselves in a different society for a while and then returning or would it still impact us upon

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