Essay on Functional Health Assessment

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Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment
|Functional Health Pattern |Toddler |Preschool-Aged |School-Aged |
|Assessment (FHP) |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |
|Pattern of Health Perception and|*Toddlers rely on their parents for |*Preschoolers now have an interest of being curious|*School age children perceive health as by germ |
|Health Management: |health promotion. Parents should |about the body of the opposite sex. |theory, punishment theory, or external
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| | | |
| | |*Preschoolers have anxiety about their body and |*Some problems can arise when the school age child |
| |*The parent perception of health |fear of mutilation and death are their concerns. |is passive health care consumers by asking fewer |
| |needs more information. |*Preschoolers size compared to adult causes them to|questions regarding their health. |
| |* The parents are in need of health |have a sense of vulnerability and fear of loss of |* Some child view their sickness as an evil eye, and|
| |promotion in order to help the child |control.(Edelman &Mandle,2010,p.48) |believe that they have been cursed because of their |
| |model health

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