Functional Behavioral Assessment : A Problem Solving Process For Addressing Student Behavior

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Functional Behavioral Assessment is considered to be a problem solving process for addressing student behavior. Why does your child act a certain way? Why is this problem occurring are some of the questions being asked during the Functional Behavioral Assessment. It is especially useful with students from cultural diverse backgrounds and experiences . Functional behavior assessment measures and evaluates student performance in real-life, natural settings for the purpose of identifying proficiency in performing practical applied skills. (Venn, 277).
Functional Behavioral assessment incorporates different techniques and strategies in order to identify interventions to address problem behaviors. When incorporating this assessment into the process for the IEP, the Individual Education Program Team will use the information from the assessment and develop a plan that supports ways to help decrease the problem behavior of the child.
Accodring to the author of Functional Assessment : What It Is and How it Works, there are four stages during the functional Behavioral Assessment process. ( Morin) Stage One is: Identifying the Problem. Before using the assessment, the behavior or learning disabilities have to be identified by the assessment team. It is also important to identify the behavior prior to conducting the functional behavioral assessment. The need to find out not only how the student is mishaving but why the student is misbehaving. You can’t just say the student is…

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