Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Once arriving at University of Phoenix School of Business MBA program with possible concentrations later, a person has reached this point for three reasons. Either to further their current career, start a new career, or achieve a personal goal. In this current program of management I am learning about where I am currently and how to advance within the companies I represent. Internships seem to be the key in what my undergrad has sent me. I have had internships with the city council government and then with a major company Lost Weekend NYC. I am also working on furthering my career with CVS Pharmacy with the possibilities of entering the Pharmacy level again or upper management.

The two functional areas of business that interest me with
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At this point we were armed with spreadsheets and forms and would go to different businesses in the area to make them more up to date and suited to the technology ATT provided. This involved getting names into databases with information, charging individuals a small fee that was compensated by commission to update their home phones to ATT, and finally working in ATT outlets and dealing directly with the customer. I have taken the experience I have learned from this firm into my new Internship with Lost Weekend NYC. The basis is selling a product to the consumer based on other competitors in the field and market research on products that deal with surfing, skateboarding, eyewear, clothes, and grooming products.

I found chapter 9 of our management book incredibly insightful, especially in relation to the Marketing Firm I am a part of. “Strategic Management is what managers do to develop the organization’s strategies. It’s an important task involving all the basic managing functions- planning, organizing, leading, and controlling” (Robbins and Coulter, 2012. para. 3 pg.1). The strategies involved with Lost Weekend Marketing firm are comparing and contrasting brands. The quality of the material is as important as the mark down on price to the consumer. I believe Lost Weekend does the best job at selling products to the customer at the cost advertised compared with other companies in the same market (Saturdays Surf NYC, Surf Collective NYC, RVCA, Rhythm, etc.).

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