Friendship Is The State Of Being A Friend Essay

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When we think of friendship, what is it that we think of? Do we just say it is a relationship between two people who care about each other? According to the Dictionary, friendship is the state of being a friend, or a friendly relation or intimacy. However, I can say it is about having trust, loyalty, affection, loyalty, love, and respect for another person. Some people today could mention the meaning of a genuine friendship would be a person to have a true bond with, such as a support system, trusted, help out if needed, or someone to share personal conversations with and know it would not leave their mouth. Friendship has no defined terminology; but it has different meanings between people of other cultures.
In addition, if we went back to the nineteenth century American life, we can see these type of friendships were not happening more among women as we would expect; but was more important for males to engage in these friendships with another male that started from their youth. These friendships were the most fulfilling friendships in a man’s life as it led them to manhood. In all honesty, male friendships were nobler than conjugal love with a woman. Women were basically as an object to have children, take care of things around the house; when a married male did have sex with a woman, it was not for enjoyment, as we would think a marriage should be between their partners. Now, it is definitely an unfamiliar topic for us to wrap our head around as these friendships would…

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