Freud 's Theory Of Psychosexual Development Essay

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Freud was born in Austria by Jewish parents who raised him in a traditional Jewish manner. The knowledge and experiences Freud encountered throughout his life influenced his work; especially his childhood was influential on the theory of psychosexual development. Freud’s childhood and relationship to his parents as well as religious background was contributing factors in the development of the psychoanalysis theory. Further, being raised in a Jewish family had an impact throughout his entire life, as the anti-Semitism became more dominant throughout the 20th century as the Nazis oppressed and persecuted Jews. Freud’s theories are still used in the 21st century and several psychological approaches and theories sprung from Freud’s theories. Freud’s early life experiences affected his theories and the way he understood human nature. Further, Freud’s theories were based on his Jewish heritage as well as his relationships, especially in his early life. Freud, born in 1856, was raised in a strict manner by his parents. Freud’s parents, especially his father, were very authoritarian, which affected the way Freud came to understand human behavior and had an impact on his development of theories. Freud inherited his father’s sense of humor, skepticism, liberalism and freethinking, and his ability to indicate a moral, which he knew by quoting a Jewish anecdote. Freud inherited his mother’s sentimentality or temperament with passionate emotions. Freud did not inherit his intellect…

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