French Revolution Impact

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The Impact of The French Revolution The French Revolution had many elements to it. It was a time of dramatic change, terror, wars and reformation. Were the years of horror worth it? The goal of a lasting, peaceful nation was most definitely achieved. It just took a lot of pain, dedication and the lives of those who believed in change to get there. A huge problem was the leaders of the nation were not prepared to take on the challenged they faced. They all led France to disaster. Conditions in France in the late 1780s Later on in the 1700s, the people of France began to realize that the constitution of France was not exactly working. Their constitution was formed around the absolute power of the monarchy. New Enlightenment thinking was sweeping …show more content…
But, when the Estate System was created, each estates had an equal voice. The First Estate was made up of the clergy, who were the wealthiest of them all. The Second Estate consisted of the nobles. Lastly, the Third Estate included the commoners. All three estates worked together as a legislative group to offer suggestions on important issues to the King. However, they did not hold any power due to absolute monarchy, which is why they could only recommend ideas (Estates system. (n.d.). Retrieved April 30, 2016, from Each of the three estates had a particular task that they had to uphold. The clergy prayed for everyone, the nobles defended everyone and the common people provided food (The estate system. (n.d.). Retrieved April 30, 2016, from Many citizens felt as though the system was inequitable. The First and Second Estates had a smaller population than the Third Estate but they still had an equal rank and say in the meetings. Another unjust issues was that the clergy and nobility paid little to no taxes, while the commoners paid the most. For this reason and many other, the Third Estate felt divided from the Estates General. Also, they were much more angry with the King then any other estate (Estates system. (n.d.). Retrieved April 30, 2016, from

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