Fremont High School By Jonathan Kozol Essay

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Most high schools have a good curriculum, facilities, and do not have any serious problem. As students go to school and study, they get a job or go to college after they graduated. Although students want to take great education, the students who enroll in Fremont High School cannot take good teaching and anything which they want to do. Jonathan Kozol wrote “Fremont High School,” published from the Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America in 2005, and he has two contrary ideas in a way in which any reader from any background, which makes him an influential writer. Kozol conclusively establishes his credibility with his experience at Fremont High School, has effective emotions to persuade his audience, and wants to prove the main point which is the bad situation of Fremont High School.
Kozol’s ways to establish his credibilities are his experience and one student whose name is Mireya that Kozol knows her in Fremont High School. Moreover, he compares with Walton high school before he comes to Fremont High School. Kozol uses testimony effectively to trust with his audience. As one example, “According to teachers at the school, the average ninth grade students read at fourth or fifth-grade level” (367), so the word of the first part is enough to persuade Kozol’s audiences. Since viewers could witness Kozol’s not providing a clear solution, it influences our sense of trust as if someone tunes the guitar strings non-perfectly, so they make the strings…

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