Essay on Freire 's The Banking Concept Of Education

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In Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education,” Freire leads a discussion about the many problems he finds with “banking” education, which is the term he gives to the traditional educational system. In banking education, the students are merely just buckets for educators to dump their knowledge into with no real thought or teaching actually going on, just mindless memorization that will soon be forgotten. The points made by Freire are valid, however he also has problems with has writings. Freire brings up the point that there is no real learning in banking education and there needs to be a switch from banking education to problem-posing education, but he gives no real solution on how to go about making the change from baking to problem-posing. Freire also believes baking education has no purpose at all in society and should be gone for good, and by stating this Freire contradicts himself by pulling a banking move by stating that there is only one right way to learn.
Throughout almost his whole article Freire attacks and demonize banking education, specifically on how students are no more than “containers” waiting to be filled up with teachers almighty knowledge, there is no inquiry or discussion going on in the classroom between students with others students and students with the teachers, and freedom is just an illusion and banking education is a way of oppression to keep the public in line and the rulers at the top. With all these problems that Freire lists in his…

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