Freezing Point Of Egg Experiment

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Register to read the introduction… Over the 19 hour time span, the egg formed a foamy layer on top of the vinegar, due to the egg shell dissolving. The egg also appeared to be bigger than when it was first placed in the vinegar, and the surface of the egg was covered with tiny air bubbles. Once the egg was taken out of the jar, the membrane was soft and slimy, and the shell was completely dissolved. When the egg was in the jar of Karo syrup, the egg was obviously not protected by a shell, so the membrane was soft. Over the 24 hour time span, the syrup started to turn a very yellow tint, and the egg membrane, at first, seemed to be unchanged. Over the hours, the membrane shape was oval but looked to be getting flatted almost as if someone pressed it together from the top and bottom. At the end of the 24 hours, the bottom of the egg was …show more content…
Record the freezing point of the pure water and the freezing point of the salt solution.
The freezing point of the pure water is 0 degrees Celsius. (not in this data, the freezing point is -2)
The freezing point of the salt solution is -1.
C. How do these two freezing points compare? If there was no experimental error in this lab, the freezing point of the salt solution would be lower than that of the pure water. In this case it is the opposite due to error.
D. What are some practical applications of freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, and vapor pressure lowering? An example of freezing point depression is when one adds anti-freeze to car fuel to prevent the fuel from freezing in cold temperatures, like we are experiencing in the north east region now. An example of boiling point elevation would be the same. The antifreeze in the car also elevated the temperature of the fuel preventing your car from overheating. An example of vapor pressure lowering would be freeze drying. Freezing occurs because the vapor pressure from the surrounding air is lowered, and causes the substance to freeze.

Questions (Part 2)
A. To what biological structure is the dialysis bag comparable? How is it similar? How is it

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