Freedom Vs. Oppression And Fundamentalism Essay

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Freedom vs. Oppression and Fundamentalism
During the Iranian revolution, women had restricted roles in their society. Most Iranian women complied with these roles in fear of the severe consequences. In Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel: Persepolis: Story of a childhood, Taji Satrapi serves as a symbol for women fighting against the oppressive laws instituted by the Iranian government after the departure Mohammad Reza Shah during the Iranian revolution. Taji’s actions not only impacted her society but her daughter Marjane who looked up to her mother. A woman’s image is highly important in Iran. Particularly the use the covering of their faces and hair. On page 5 in the novel, Marjane Satrapi explains the divide in the society over the use of the veil. Women were fighting for and against the veil, each portraying their different views of the veil and freedom. Among the demonstrators was Taji Satrapi. Although Marjane was proud of her mother’s actions, Taji had to dye her hair in fear of being caught and hurt over the controversial image taken of her by a German Journalist of an Iranian Magazine. In the final panel of the page, fear is shown by the depiction of Taji being observed angrily by 5 progressive men. The author’s use enemata is used to create the men’s facial features to give off this feeling to the reader. At this time, Taji wasn’t breaking any government rules, as it wasn 't yet illegal for women to not wear the veil and clothing. However, Iran was going through…

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