Freedom Of Speech Is An Issue That Transcends Time Essay

1827 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Freedom of speech is an issue that transcends time. In a recent and controversial case, Maclean’s magazine was accused of publishing hateful and Islamophobic content that, (from the complainant’s point of view) allowed for no opportunity to be countered. There are parallels between John Stuart Mill’s work On liberty and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enacted by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on what boundaries to place on such a precious liberty. Both generally conclude that a person’s freedoms must not be infringed upon unless they harm others in society. Does the publishing a critical opinion of one’s religion constitute as harm? ( is this harm question the thesis?). This will be explored the analysis of Canadian legislatures stance on the issue, discussing how the issue would be conceived and resolved by John Stuart Mill, and through personal commentary regarding my thoughts on the matter at hand. On October 20st 2006 author Mark Steyn published a controversial article in Maclean’s magazine, entitled, “The Future Belongs to Islam” (Steyn 2006). The article addressed 9/11 and hinted to the notion that a “Muslim takeover” has occurred in the Western World. In this way, he contends that populations in areas of Europe are dwindling (i.e. Italy) and are being replaced by an increase in the number of Muslims immigrating to the country. He states implications that because of the increase in Muslims entering Europe there could a change in formal law from the…

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