Freedom Of Speech And Assembly Essay

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speak out against injustice where we see it, and fight for equality in areas where it may be lacking. An example of people using it to protect freedoms in our modern times is the fight against SOPA. SOPA was an bill originally envisioned to stop piracy, but it would also cause widespread censorship of the internet and the people on it. This would take away their ability to speak and assemble freely. It was stopped because people exercised their first amendment rights to speak out against it.
Despite my praise of the first amendment, there are reasons why someone would be opposed to its importance or it’s concept in general. I’ve actually already gone over one of the reasons. Freedom of speech and assembly can be a double-edged sword. People can campaign and spread misinformation that ends up harming people, like in the case of the Anti-Vaccination movement. In response to that, I say that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Yes, freedom of speech can be used to spread harmful misinformation, but it can also give people the correct information in the same way. For example, if a person is exposed only to people who believe vaccines are harmful. they’re likely going to believe what they’re saying. However, through freedom of speech and assembly they can be exposed to the truth. Other people can come and speak to them, and show them why vaccines are beneficial and aren’t harmful. The only way to counter misinformation spread through freedom of speech is by speaking…

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