Freedom Of Religion By George Reynolds V. The United States Essay

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Freedom of religion. "The right to choose a religion without interference by the government." How far is this liberty that our nation was originally formed upon stretch? This First amendment right does not secure everyway religion is practiced. You must look at the Constitution with the Establishment Clause along with the Free Exercise Clause, The United States Supreme Court decisions, and what is the difference between a United States citizen and a United States public official.
Under the first amendment of the Constitution, there is the Free Expression Clause and the Establishment Clause. The Free Expression clause gives the U.S. citizens the right to accept any religion and the engagement of religious ritual (2005, “Freedom of Religion”). This clause has many disagreements that are often resolved through the United States Supreme Court. Some of these issues create the misconception that participation in a religion can remove you from having to follow United States law. However, this is not the case. An example of this is the case of Reynolds V. The United States. George Reynolds was charged with bigamy, the illegal act of having more than one legal, contracted, spouse. Reynolds claimed this was polygamy and that it is lawful due to the fact that he followed Mormonism and having multiple spouses was a part of a doctrine within the Mormon Church and he was simply fulfilling his religious duty as a Mormon. The Supreme Court however ruled this unconstitutional because…

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