Free Will Vs. The Humanistic Perspective Essay

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What is free will vs. determination? For start, free will is when an individual chooses to make their own decisions and does it freely. One example I relate to free will is when you get into college you finally have the right to do whatever you want, which means “free will” to me. Determination is the will to have motivation towards a goal. An example of determination would be if I were extremely motivated to succeed in a race and I practiced hard everyday, ate healthy, and got plenty of sleep, I would be determined to be first in the race. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast both free will and determination vs the humanistic perspective. What is the humanistic perspective all about? The humanistic perspective is all about humans having free will. This type of perspective refers to how we make certain choices in our life and how we either have to suffer the consequences of our choices or we are happy and proud of them. This is a study where the human is looked at as a whole, from inside and out, and the comparison of how each one of us is different and unique. An assumption made involves the theory that humans are basically good and have a want in life to either make ourselves better or help to make the world a better place. Back in 1943, Abraham Maslow was the creator of a well studied theory called Human Motivation. The history behind this perspective shows that Maslow and Clark Moustakas were invited to two separate meetings that were located in Detroit…

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