Free Will And Determinism Essay example

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Arthur Schopenhauer once said that “Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills.” Stating that free humans have free will but have no control over how we feel. Since humans were first introduced to the earth, many great minds have pondered the question of free will and often come to wildly different conclusions. There are determinists, who believe that all event are influenced by factors external to free will. There are compatibilists, who believe that free will and determinism are compatible ideas and that one can believe in both without being logically inconsistent. There are also those who believe in free will, the idea that one is always responsible for their actions. All of these three ideas are feasible and have been argued with evidence to make them seem like fact, yet it is impossible to settle on one idea and stay. The most logical course of action to one that fosters the belief that humans have free will, to some extent. We do have free will, except in situations where outside actions result in only one possible course of actions. Determinism is the belief that all events, including human action are caused by outside factors. Many things happen that are not ones decision or is outside their control. When a baby is born they do not have any choice what family they are born into yet this has one of the greatest influences on their life. In literature, a major form of determinism is prophecy. When someone can predict that something will come true, no…

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