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Test yourself A. answer the following by writing the words on the blanks provided for.

1. What do you call the large number of sensitive nerve ending _______ 2. What results when one loses his/her sense of smell? _______ 3. How do you describe the smell of varnish ______, burnt leaves _____, mustard _____, and roses _______? 4. Why do people collecting garbage not show annoyance anymore to the dirt and smell _____ 5. Where us the sense of smell located? ________ B. True/False. Encircle T if the statement is correct and F if it is incorrect.
T F 1. Generally when one loses his/her sense of smell, he/she also loses the sense
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brain b. spinal cord c. nerve 10. somatic and autonomic division are found in the a. brain b. spinal cord c. peripheral
B. modified true or false. Write T if the statement is true. If false change the underlined word/words to make the statement correct and write the answer on the blank. _____1. The skull is a very tough set of bones that encase the brain.
_____2. When an object is placed at the back of the tongue gagging reflex result.
_____3. The cerebral cortex is the biggest of the brain mass.
_____4. If any of the spinal nerve be cut, the part of the body connected to it will be activated.
_____5. The hind brain is located far from the spinal nerve.
_____6. During an emergency the parasympathetic subdivision prepares the body to respond to the stressful situations.
_____7. The protoplasm is the living part of the cell body.
_____8. Neurotransmitters are chemical messages and are communicated to the axon and dendrites.
_____9. The dorsal root carries motor nerve fibers
_____10. The CNS and PNS made up the nervous system.
A. B.
1. A 6.A 1. T 6.Sympathetic
2. B 7. C 2.T 7.T
3. C 8. B 3. Cerebrum 8.T
4.C 9.B 4.Paralyzed 9.Sensory nerve fibers
5. C 10.C 5.Near 10.T

Test yourself A. Completion. Fill in the blanks with the best answers. Write the letters only. 1. The __ is the secreting organs which pour excretion either directly into the

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