Free Enterprise System Essay

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The Free Enterprise System
How the American System has changed

Togar Johnson

The ‘American Dream’ has recently transformed into the American nightmare. More and More people are retiring broke and are looking for some type of financial assistance either from families, government, or continuing to work past retirement. Not every American has the skill set to run a successful business, but more often than not, most Americans do possess a skill set that can be used to create individual wealth which each citizen will have complete control over. Therefore, Americans should embrace the principles that this country was based on, which is free enterprise. In order to insure fiscal independence, Americans must consider an essential component
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Most college graduates will have at least 5 to 7 jobs in their lifetime. Currently, the payouts for pensions have decreased to an all-time low. The so called idea of job security is a myth, and it seems like that ideal will never get back on course.
The steps to right this lost ship, and get this economy back on course, will be to participate in the Free Enterprise System. The Free Enterprise System has been around for a very long time and was very successful back then and still is to this day. This system is built on the premise of going out and utilizing the skills, talents, or trade to create an individual’s own piece of the pie and not waiting for assistance from outside sources; such as the government. Dexter Yager, a self-made multimillion, was quoted saying, ’Success is a progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal.’ (Yager, 2010) To have a dream or a goal that is worth fighting for should give the people a sense and drive to succeed. Americans were created to be prosperous in anything that they do or touch. Free enterprise is the freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal governmental regulation. (, 2010) Hannah Arendt, a German-born-U.S. political philosopher was quoted by saying:
‘When we were told that by freedom we understood free enterprise, we did very little to dispel this monstrous falsehood.... Wealth and economic well-being, we have asserted, are the fruits of freedom,

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