Fredrick Douglas 's Life And Life Essay

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In Fredrick Douglas’s life he was moved around, sold and, traded much like a trading card. While in each location one being different from the other, he was exposed to different kinds of environments. These environments would affect the way he would act and carry himself, all the way from the plantation in Talbot County Maryland, to Baltimore and, to New York. Each place had an impact on him mentally and physically.
Fredrick was born on a plantation in Tuckahoe Maryland. His age is unknown because slaves were usually never told their age. At a very young age, he was separated from his mother. “I never saw my mother, to know her as such, more than four or five times in my life; and each of these times was very short in duration, and at night”(10). Even as a young child his mother is taken away from him mentally this would affect Douglas in a very negative way causing him to be left confused without an actual mother. It was even said that his father was possibly his master, but it wasn’t clear to Douglas for sure, so at an early age a large burden would be placed on Fredrick. Also, he would have to witness his aunt get brutally whipped by Ned Roberts. “He commenced to lay on the heavy cowskin, and soon warm, red blood came dripping to the floor” (13). Fredrick was terrified and even thought he would be next; as children begin to learn at an early age they are like sponges. This would teach him to obey his master at all times or he would too suffer from the same fate just as…

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