Frederick Douglass: Slavery Is Bad For Slaves

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Introduction: Frederick douglass was a former slave ,he thought that slavery corrupt slave master and was bad for slavery frederick douglass wanted freedom for him and his people.
Frederick douglass was a slave who wanted to learn how to read and write he soon found out that all slaves could not be able learn. All they need it to do was obey their master but douglass didn’t stop he was brave enough to sneak and give bread to be able to do tutoring and soon he wanted to be free and his people.The context of douglass audience is douglass people who agree with slavery being bad for slaves.The 2 main position the essay will be focus on is how douglass is able to convince everybody that slavery is bad for slaves. The second position is
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Frederick douglass was living with covey one year and 6 months, frederick douglass was scared that covey didn’t whip him in a week, his awkwardness was always his excuse for whipping him. “Scarce a week passed without his whipping me” this explain that douglass was scared or insufficient of covey not whipping him yet since covey been beating douglass often .This shows that douglass was being insufficient by covey whipping douglass almost everyday and he feels so jumpy and scared everytime covey walks by or get close because he haven’t whip him in a week. How does douglass disapprove who the position of defend slavery because every time he do something or one of the slaves do something wrong they get whipped and douglass don’t agree on getting whip almost every mistake he make and does not want to feel jumpy when covey get close.This all explain that douglass feels uncomfortable when covey gets …show more content…
Douglass had this kind and tender-hearted mistress that taught him how to do his ABC and other things, later then when she became a slave master it was dangerous for her to teach douglass how to read and write, she told douglass that she couldn’t teach him anymore.“ That it was unlawful, as well as unsafe, to teach a slave to read but to obey his master”.This shows that slaves not also get whip but they can’t get an education, they can only obey their masters or do what are their told also the the mistress didn’t want to stop teaching frederick but she force to do it because she was a slave master. How does douglass evidence disprove the position of people who defend slavery because douglass wants to read and write, become something but he can’t because he is a slave and the rule is a slaveholder could not teach a slave to learn how to read and write, he also feels that some slaveholders does not want to things that there told do by whipping them and teaching them how read and write.This conclude that douglass feels upset that he can’t get an education because of the law stating that no slaveholder or master teach a slave

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