Frederick Douglass And Life In The Iron Mills Analysis

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Fredrick Douglas is a slave who deals with hardships learns to read and write, educating himself while on the other hand Hugh and Deborah are both uneducated stuck in the poorest class of society with no real way out. Education is a major theme in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and “Life in the Iron Mills” Being educated and not be educated takes a huge toll on the characters in both storys, it shows that education, as well as the lack of education has equally positive and negative effects on the characters. Fredrick lives in slavery being uneducated he is basically in darkness and ignorant to his condition as most slaves were. One day his master’s wife Mrs. Auld started to teach him to read, when Mr. Auld finds out he is enraged. …show more content…
The author emphasizes the low class, uneducated immigrants those in low class were put in the same status as freed slaves. These low class people lacked the chance to even learn, they were deprived of the opportunity and are isolated from education with no way to obtain knowledge. The narrator explains, “Drag out from the hearts of these men the terrible tragedy of their lives, taking it as a symptom of the disease of their class… a reality of soul-starvation, of living death” (Davis 1226). The class system is like a disease in a way that is takes over and there is no way to stop the disease from spreading and becoming their lives they are stuck in their position. Lacking both education and financial stability they have no ability to get out of their terrible situation. absence of education makes them miserable they must work harder than many and still only remain destitute. Mitchell states, “I have no fancy for nursing infant geniuses. I suppose there are some stray gleams of mind and should among these wretches. The lord will take care of his own; or else they can work out their own salvation. I have heard you call our American system a ladder which any many can scale. Do you doubt it? Or perhaps you want to banish all social ladders, and put us all on flat table-land, ---eh May?” (Davis 1232). He is talking about the fact that he has no desire to help the low class, he believes some have the ability to learn but it’s in God’s hands and it just how life is meant to be, he believes society and social class has to be a thing and that’s just how life works. He feels that way primarily because of his social standings as many of the people not in low class status felt. The pure fact of being born into that life means Hugh and Deborah are stuck their forever in their situation with

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