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How Fraternities and Sororities Impact Students (Or Do They?)
Drinking, academics, and social behavior under the microscope
Published on September 1, 2011 by Alan Reifman, Ph.D. in On the Campus
Right around now is the start of the academic year at American universities. Among the traditional activities accompanying the start of school is fraternity/sorority rush, in which students who wish to join a Greek-letter organization attend functions to learn about and select from the different houses and the fraternities and sororities decide which students they would like to invite to become members.

Exact figures for the number of college students nationally involved in these organizations are hard to pin down. However, from perusing
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In other words, there may be something about people who join Greek-letter organizations -- extraversion, risk-taking, excitement-seeking, and so forth -- that sets them apart from non-joiners. Thus, when we (potentially) see attitudinal/behavioral differences years later between college alumni who did and did not participate in the fraternity/sorority systerm, those differences could reflect the pre-college personalities of the two groups and not the actual experience of being in a Greek organization. Hence, any research purporting to show effects of fraternity/sorority participation should be taken with caution.

One of the most extensive examinations of sorority life is the 2004 book Pledged, in which author Alexandra Robbins blends information from member-informants, her own journalistic interviews and undercover observations, and social-science research to tell readers what goes on inside the houses of Greek Row and beyond.

At the conclusion of her book, Robbins reported having "deeply mixed feelings" about sororities. The two primary benefits claimed by many sorority members were the network of female friends and a sense of confidence. The community-service aspect of sororities also appears to carry forward beyond college for many members. (Sororities at my home

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