Frankenstein Comparison to the Rime of the Acient Mariner Essay

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Frankenstein is Mary Shelley’s famous, fictional work in which a man unravels the secret to creating life. The main character in this story is Victor Frankenstein. Throughout the novel he grows from a young, innocent boy into a vindictive, vengeful man. He oversteps the bounds of science by becoming the creator of a being that never should have lived. In the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, written by Samuel Coleridge, a man, much like Victor, takes the role of the main character. The ancient mariner, by killing the albatross, violates the laws of nature and has to repent for his crime. These two characters are very similar but they also vary in several key ways.
Both characters have issues with knowledge. Frankenstein is
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The mariner brings about his own and his ship mates’ downfall by killing the albatross, a violation of nature. Coleridge’s poem is obviously a product of the Romantic period because of its theme of the superiority of nature. The moral of the story is to respect nature and do not harm it. The mariner did not do this and now he has to atone for what he did. These two examples show how Romantic writers felt about nature and the great power it possesses. Another characteristic of the Romantic period that shows up in both of these works is the belief in the supernatural and the valuing of the intuitive over the rational. In Frankenstein the whole idea of creating human beings and shocking them to life is absurd and unnatural. In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner supernatural things happen throughout the entire poem, for example, when the two spirits pass by the mariner, and when the crew of the ship all come back to life as zombie-like creatures. In both of these works, the Romantic’s anti-intellectual bias, reverence for nature, and disdain for human manipulation of the natural order are evident.

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