Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, was one of the first and one of the most well known Gothic novels. This infamous work of literature contains an unforgettable storyline and characters that were derived remarkably drawn from a friendly ghost telling contest. Shelley was accompanying some friends on vacation, when one of them, Lord Byron to be exact, challenged everyone to tell the scariests story. This frivolous challenge helped created one of the many notable classic novels. Mary Shelley’s incredible intelligence for a women of her time is well portrayed throughout her novel Frankenstein from her many themes that displays the undeniable truth about humans. She tries to caution her readers about the many positive and negative affects that come about from knowledge. Through historical influences that set the novel, the use of multiple narrators, and the diction and syntax all play into her forewarning theme that with knowledge comes consequences. At the time that Shelley was writing and publishing Frankenstein, writing styles were evolving into those of the Romanticism era. This era had an international movement that shaped various types of art, not just writing. Often times romantics were drawn to the concepts of nature, the supernatural, or mysterious (Furst). Shelley shows this writing style by incorporating into the novel letters and journals. Frankenstein begins with four letters that set the scene for the rest of the piece. Walton, the writer of these letters,…

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