Victor Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Mary Shelley 's book: Frankenstein is about a Doctor named Victor Frankenstein and about a monster who he created which is referred to as The Monster. Which is commonly referred to in modern day media as Frankenstein himself. This could easily lead the reader to believe Frankenstein 's Monster to be Frankenstein himself, as they have a lot of similarities through out the book; the only evidence to dispute this is when Captain Walton and his crew sees The Monster, after days of being stranded in ice, which could lead to dementia.
Victor Frankenstein and The Monster tend to vary in similarity through out the book. At the beginning of the story; both The Monster and Victor Frankenstein are horrified by The Monster Dr. Frankenstein has created.
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He attempts to rape his brother and possibly does but is seen by Justine. Due to Justine working for the Frankenstein family. Doctor Frankenstein convinces Justine to keep quite about the situation and plants the locket on her to frame her for murder. When originally he took it to remember his brother.
Soon the Frankenstein family goes on vacation. Where again he sees The Monster alone. Who tells Doctor Frankenstein all about his year near the cottage. Or that 's what he tells the Captain. To possibly throw the Captain of the track that he killed his brother. Even though there 's a major plot hole in the story. William Frankenstein dies the spring after The Monster was "created" but The Monster was gone for over a year.
Doctor Frankenstein and his best friend, who is a male, Henry, go on a trip together through multiple countries, alone. Nothing suspicious at all. Doctor Frankenstein tries to create a female monster this time, possibly trying to get away from his gay thoughts and attempts to convince himself he 's heterosexual. Once he fails like probably did the first time he takes the body parts to the middle of the sea. Even though he could just burn it. This could be him getting away from Henry 's death when Henry discovered what Doctor Frankenstein was working on even though he tells the Captain that Henry never
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Doctor Frankenstein was sick multiple times through out the story, it 's possible he lost his sanity. That even if he didn’t, Captain Walton told the story of a great man and not a poor lonely soul. Who didn 't meant to be bad. Just like The Monster supposedly said to Captain Walton. Henry was supposed to stop Frankenstein from being the monster himself that he was supposed to be the sane logical kind hearted sided to Frankenstein. The good side to a two side coin. Which could also imply that they had some type of romantic involvement with each other. That no matter how fair Docter Frankenstein wanted to get away from The Monster, how different he tried to be, he just couldn’t escape the monster he

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