Francisco And His Family: An Analysis

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Francisco and his family went through many changes when they crossed into America, but they pushed through the culture barriers and the loss of items with family love and hard work. The children faced langue barriers when they went to School and they never got to stay in one place long. They endured all the hard times by loving and caring for each other. The loss of physical items can be devastating because the longer we have something the more we don’t want loss it, but you truly loss something if you remember it. In the book Rorra took Francisco's pennies and bought two gumballs at the gas station. Francisco was mad at Rorra, but mama calmed him by telling him a story about ant. The morale from that story is that your loved ones are more important than money. Later on in the book the house they were staying at burns down. Francisco is devastated because his notepad was still in the house when it burnt down, mama gave him a different outlook by saying to him that if you know what was in it, then it's not all lost. No matter how much you hold value in an item, your family is more important that it because you only …show more content…
When the kids went to school they had a difficult time at the start because they had to learn a new language and do things according to how Americans did it. Roberto would get hit with a ruler when he did not understand what the teacher said in English and Francisco would get yelled at to stop speaking Spanish on the playground. Culture barriers made it so Francisco had a hard time making friends. At one point he was made fun of and mocked because of his thick Spanish accent. It is a difficult task overcoming language and cultural barriers because you have to become accustomed to a new culture and at the same time learn a new

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