France Trade, Exports and Imports Essay

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France Trade, Exports and Imports
In 2009, France’s export volumes amounted to $456.8 billion and the country ranked 6th in the world. However, the figures were much higher in 2008 at $601.9 billion.
France’s main export commodities are:
• Machinery
• Transportation equipment
• Aircraft
• Plastics
• Chemicals
• Pharmaceutical products
• Iron and steel
• Beverages
France’s main export partners are:
• Italy
• Spain
• UK
• Belgium
• US
• The Netherlands

Besides French trade, tourism is a big contributor to the national GDP. In fact, France rules the tourism industry with over 82 million tourists visiting the country for its rich heritage and culture.
Agriculture is another strong point for France, with almost
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In theory ministers are chosen by the PM; in practice unless the President and the PM are from different sides of the political spectrum (a system known as la cohabitation), PM and president work together to form a government. The President must approve the appointment of government ministers.

The cabinet, le Conseil des ministres, meets on a weekly basis, and is presided over by the president. Ministers determine policy and put new legislation before Parliament in the form of bills (projets de loi); within the framework of existing law, they apply policy through decrees (décrets).

The legislative branch:
The French parliament is made up of two houses or chambers. The lower and principal house of parliament is the Assemblée nationale, or national assembly; the second chamber is the Sénat or Senate. Members of Parliament, called Députés, are elected by universal suffrage, in general elections (élections législatives) that take place every five years. Senators are elected by "grand electors", who are mostly other local elected representatives. The electoral system for parliamentary elections involves two rounds; a candidate can be elected on the first round by obtaining an absolute majority of votes cast. The second round is a runoff between two or more candidates, usually two..

The judicial branch:
While the Minister of Justice, le Garde des Sceaux, has powers over the

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