Frailty: The Myth Of Crime

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There is no beginning to a myth, and we, humans, are completely incapable of historically places when the myth is bored. There is no end or beginning to a Myth, a myth is believed and begins the second time. Crimes myths are extremely popular, and continue to glorify media take out on the world around them. A crime myth is an exaggeration of reality, and conjures due to a high speed sensational event or “sudden government or media fascination whit my newly discovered grand”. A crime myth is vividly exaggerated or misconstrued crime of the indicted, victims, and the crime itself as controlled by the media. (ADD IN HOW CRIME MYTH IS CHARACTERIZED). Frailty is a movie based around two sons and his father, in which the father had a vision from God explaining to him that the end of times were near and the angel in the dream told the father that God …show more content…
The most common explained that serial killers were all dysfunctional loners, white males, motivated by sex, multi-state wanderer, addicted to killing, and are either insane or diabolical geniuses. While serial killings do occur, they are not as common or graphically alarming as the media often portrays them to be. While serial killer myths increased awareness of surroundings, it created a breed of people segregated from others because they had “serial killer antics”. The movie Frailty aligns directly in accordance to the book. For an example, the book states that “crime and justice becomes more powerful when blended with threats to religious belief…” this sentence alone coincides directly with the overall mission of the father and son, to kill demons in the name of god. Media frenzy added to the hysteria of the killings the father and son were committing just as the book add that fear forms when media over exaggerates on the topic, which they were when referring to the number of people murdered (Kappeler and Potter,

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