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• Examples of socialization responsibilities that have been shifted from the family to the school in your lifetime? -Sex Education -Moral Values -Dress codes

• How easy it for us to change our basic value? -It’s not easy and it’s almost impossible because by the time you're a baby your surrounded by others moral character so it is extremely hard to change what you only know.

• According to the reading, what are the pros and cons of religion in the socialization process? -Pros: moral code & unification -Cons: judgmental & dis-unification

• Difference between Functionalist and Conflict Theories of Education
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• Humanism: -individuals control their own destinies through the application of their learning

• Behaviorism: -desirable human behavior can be the product of design rather than accident

• Constructionism: -focuses on the process of learning rather than learning behavior

• Secular Humanism: -the conditions of human existence relate to the human nature actions rather than to predestination or divine intervention.

• Pros and Cons of an eclectic

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