Fossil Fuels Are The U.s. 's Primary Source Of Energy Essay

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Fossil fuels are the U.S.’s primary source of energy, but as a result, carbon dioxide levels and pollution levels have drastically increased, endangering our lives. 85% of America’s energy is used by fossil fuels, and many of these fuels are pollutants. Carbon monoxide is one of the more popular pollutants given off by these fossil fuels. It is deadly to our body when levels are high. The burning of fossil fuels are too harmful to the environment and ourselves, therefore the use of a more environmentally friendly energy such as solar, wind, or electricity would be a far better substitute.
Fossil fuels are a large danger to our planet because of the harmful chemicals it burns off into the atmosphere. While carbon dioxide seems like a gas that is harmless, when it comes to pollution it’s the opposite. High levels of carbon dioxide moving into the atmosphere traps the heat, which has resulted in raising Earth’s surface temperature by about 0.5-1.1 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 150 years (Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuels). Along with the surface temperature raising, carbon dioxide levels have increased by 25% over the last 150 years as well, and the percentages continue to increase. If this is to occur, Earth’s temperature will continually increase and sea levels will keep rising due to glaciers melting. Another chemical produced by fossil fuels is carbon monoxide. More toxic than carbon dioxide, this chemical can be detected by certain sensors throughout some homes. It is also a…

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