Mistakes In The Film Forrest Gump

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The main actors in the movie are Tom Hanks portraying Forrest Gump, Robin Wright portraying Jenny Curran, and Sally Field as Ms. Gump. The actors did a good job of acting like southerners in the movie, and they didn’t play out of character; However, there are a few goofs in the movie. As Forrest in the scene where he takes apart his gun and reassembles it, Hanks forgets to use his accent for a few seconds. There are also more mistakes in the movie that no one has seemed to notice. If someone was to watch the movie, and compare it to a timeline, they’d find some mistakes. For an example, in the beginning in of the movie where Forrest sees Elvis Presley on a television that was on display at a shop. He was 5-6 years old, but he shouldn’t have been able to see Presley on television until he was almost a teen. Also, if you look at Jenny’s new clippings of Forrest, you’d notice that she has …show more content…
This movie had a good amount of clips used from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, and had a decent story idea. This movie however seemed to fall on it’s face because of the script. Though it seems to be a nice story, the script lacks a some of the five stages of writing, and there wasn’t any central conflict in the story. The story seems to want to differ from it’s counterpart, and tries not to be as accurate as the novel, such as adding additional scenes that wasn’t in the novel, or taking out important scenes out of the novel completely. There also is a problem with figuring out if romance should be considered a genre in Forrest Gump. However, disregarding the conflict and the genre problems, the movie has very few flaws. Zemeckis recreated Groom’s novel into a movie that was the top grossing movie of 1994, and should be praised for directing a good film. Forrest Gump, if watching it for the first time, will leave most with a smile on their face after watching it, there isn’t a single moment in the movie that seems to be

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