Format Printers Are Ready For The 2016 Full Color Fight Essay

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Oce wide format printers
Oce Wide Format Printers Are Ready for the 2016 Full-Color Fight
You know what they say about weather in Texas…if you don’t like it, just wait five minutes, it’ll change. Apparently, that can also be applied to the commercial wide-format equipment sector. It’s crazy to think about all the new things coming forth this year. Both HP and Kip launched new color products and plan to make a big impact. But, just like a champion prize fighter, Océ still has a couple of knockout punches ready to go in the form of the ColorWave 500 and ColorWave 910 systems. Let’s just say that with these two, Oce wide format printers are ready for the full-color fight.
No doubt, both color printing and scanning have made a significant impact to CAD. After all, architects and engineers have been designing in color for years. But now, with the growing influence of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VCD (Virtual Construction and Design), there is a new, mounting demand for full-color construction plans.
Meet the 2016 Competitive Field
HP PageWide – Hewlett Packard (HP) has been feverously marketing their new PageWide XL systems for over a year. Admittedly, the technology is pretty cool. The entire system is built around an array of stationary print heads that squirts ink onto moving media underneath. This allows the system to print incredibly fast. In fact, the largest version, the PageWide XL 8000, is capable of printing an incredible 30 pages a minute. That’s quite a…

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