Essay about Foreshadowing in The Great Gatsby

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Essay One
May 2nd, 2013
Foreshadowing in The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a story of the wealthy Jay Gatsby and his romantic love for Daisy Buchanan. Although they both love each other, their love story ends terribly; Daisy involves in a big car accident, while Wilson, the husband of the car accident’s victim, tragically kills Gatsby. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald effectively uses several images and symbols that foreshadow both the car accident and Gatsby’s death, gradually leading the reader from the beginning towards the tragic ending of the story. Fitzgerald includes several small car incidents at the beginning of the story in order to foreshadow the big car
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Moreover, the way that Nick narrates here also suggests that he has no more access to Gatsby, suggesting that there is really something serious that has happened on Gatsby. Therefore, this quote foreshadows Gatsby’s death, where Gatsby becomes an innocent victim of a murder and loses contact with Nick. Besides that, in chapter four, Nick and Gatsby see a hearse on their way to New York. Nick describes, “A dead man passed us in a hearse heaped with blooms, followed by two

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