How Is Jay Gatsby Happy

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Having a great deal of money, and wealth is often an advantage in life, but does not necessarily fill the void of happiness in one's life. F. Scott Fitzgerald displays how Gatsby is one of the most affluent men alive, yet he is unhappy because he is missing the factor of love in his life. The Great Gatsby takes place in the New York City and Long Island area during the roaring 20’s, subsequently, World War I. During the Roaring 20’s the economy grew, the majority of people live in cities, and people often have grand parties. Jay Gatsby is a prosperous young man who lives alone in his luxurious mansion located in West Egg, New York. At a young age, Gatsby met Daisy, prior to going off to war. They were in love and were joyous together. A few …show more content…
Gatsby invites Daisy, and Nick over to his house for a tour, after he and Daisy have tea together over at Nick’s home. Gatsby has all these lavish items, that are worth way more than the average person can afford hoping it will create happiness in his life. “He hadn’t once ceased looking at Daisy, and I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of the response it drew from her well-loved eyes. Sometimes, too, he stared around at his possession in a dazed way, as though in her actual and astounding presence none of it was any longer real.” (91) Gatsby never “ceased” looking at Daisy. He admires her beauty and presence and desires to feel a feeling of happiness that he felt years ago. Daisy is astonished by all the lavish goods he owns, and every time she picks something up, Gatsby “revalued” it. He views his items as valuable if she is astonished and wowed by it, and if she does not pay much attention to an item, he views that item as worthless, and will soon rid of it. The more items she admires, the more he realizes that spending thousands of dollars on these items was worth it, because he is one step closer to winning over Daisy’s love, and achieving happiness for himself. Gatsby “stared around at his possession in a dazed way” as if they had a different meaning to them now that Daisy was there, and they began to seem cheap and or priceless, and none of them were “real” any longer. Gatsby bought a vast amount of luxurious items, believing that they would win over Daisy affection, thus leading him to

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