Forensic Science Achievements

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Forensic Sciences: the History, the Advancements, and the Achievements Could you get away with murder? Hundreds of years ago you probably could, but today with all the advancements that have been made in technology and forensic science many of the toughest cases are solved that couldn’t be before. While forensic science might not always be 100% accurate, it has developed a lot since it was first practiced and without using forensic science a lot of crimes would go unsolved.

Forensic science plays a major key in solving crimes, without it lots of crimes would go unsolved. Using forensic science, police are able to find things that would otherwise go undetected. For example you can find fingerprints, blood that someone might have tried to
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For example, NCIS, CSI, Bones, and Law and Order are some popular crime shows that involve forensics. Although it isn 't always accurate it gives people a somewhat good idea of what those who work in forensics do, because of course a crime can 't be solved in forty-five minutes to an hour. A real crime can take years to completely solve. DNA testing alone can take anywhere from thirty to sixty days and fingerprint searching can take hours, while on TV it takes only minutes. TV also portrays forensic scientists doing the work of police officers as well as their own. When dealing with a real crime, police officers are the ones who investigate, interview and arrest people while forensic scientists deal with the crime scene, dead bodies and any other type of evidence left at the …show more content…
He was arrested in 1975 but there was little physical evidence linking him to the murders. He had escaped and fled to Florida where he murdered three more people. This time however, police were able to connect him to the murders due to teeth marks he had left on one of the victims which were traced back to him using forensic odontology. Another famous case solved by forensics was The Lindbergh Kidnapping which happened in 1932, where a 20 month old baby was kidnapped and held for a ransom of $50,000. Police were able to trace it back to a man named Bruno Hauptmann by a handwriting analysis matching his handwriting to the ransom note. The Atlanta child murders was another famous case that was able to be solved do to forensic science. Between 1979 and 1881, twentynine people, mostly children, were killed. Wayne Williams was found at the river where the bodies had been dumped but since police had not witnessed him dumping the bodies they had no physical evidence that he was the killer. Forensic evidence however was able to link fibers found on the victims to many items in Wayne William 's house including his dog and his car.

In conclusion, forensic science is a very important piece to crime solving and without it many crimes would go unsolved. It has also come a long way since people first started using it,

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