Foreign Relations With Foreign Policy Essay

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The main con would be that most of these cabinet members have a specific area of interest that they deal with, unlike the President who wields a much larger area of job responsibilities. They also might not have any experience whatsoever to hold the title Commander in Chief. Since the Secretary of State is the first Bureaucratic position to assume Presidency within the succession line, his previous job deals with foreign policy so he should have a general understand on the importance of diplomatic relations with other countries. Next is the treasury, he would be able to steer us out of an economic crises. As we get further down the list, cabinet members who wouldn’t fulfil the role as well are more common, such as the Secretary of Agriculture, or the Secretary of Transportation. Even though this may be, they are still actively involved in the President 's affairs, and have a decent understanding on the role of Presidency. Another possible downside to this is the fact that they never had to go through an election process by the electoral college or with popular vote. They were instead appointed by the position that they would be fulfilling. Although, if the country was put under a situation where we had to go this deep into the succession line to have somebody take office, we would be better off keeping the effective candidates out of sight.

Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State in 2008. Because of a few mistakes she had while fulfilling this position,…

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