Foreign Policy Determines How America Conducts Relations With Other Countries

2315 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
Foreign policy determines how America conducts relations with other countries. America’s foreign policy today covers a wide range of functions and issues. It seeks the power to protect and display America’s national interests around the globe. These national interests shape foreign policy and cover a wide range of political, economic, military and ideological concerns. On September 11th, 2001, two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers, collapsing and causing over 2500 deaths. This attack would be the largest on US soil, shocking not only the US people but also everyone worldwide. When looking at the history of our nation, it is important to consider if America’s interest are consistent throughout time, or if somehow the events of 9/11 shifted the way our foreign policy behaved at home and abroad. While exploring our nation’s past, it is evident that our country as a whole has changed, along with our foreign policy. America’s foreign policy has changed over time reflecting the change in its national interest. While the course of the United State’s actions throughout time reflects different interests, there seems to be a common motif throughout. After the Revolutionary War, the country faced both internal and external issues, especially between then northern and southern states. The United States was dealing with internal issues of dispelling British forces from the states along with financial debts from France. With turmoil building in the East, war…

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