Essay about Foreign Aid And How Japan Implement Its Foreign Assistance

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I. Case Study
1.1 Definition of Foreign Aid and How Japan Implement its Foreign Aid.
Foreign aid was established for the first time in the United Nation Charter. It was ratified in the time of the conference of San Francisco on 26th of June in 1945. Foreign aid itself was made to underlay its purpose, includes; urging social development, to put a standard of life in a wider scale of freedom, as well as make the use of international machinery in order to promote people’s economic and social advancement (Ramiarison, 2010). In International Relations, foreign aid could be defined as a delivery of assistance in the form of goods, services, and capital within an international dimension, the sender and the receiver of the foreign aid itself could be a country or international organization. Moreover, based on there are some things that could be determined as a type of foreign aid, such as, humanitarian act, military assistance, country’s development, and national prestige (Linebarger, 2008).
Furthermore, as a member of United Nation peacekeeping operation, Japan plays an important role in terms of foreign aid sector. For Japan, there is a stone for the nation that needs to dwell with in order to send a foreign aid to overseas, the stone is known ODA (Official Development Assistance) Charter. ODA was established with aims to promote economic expansion as well as people prosperity, which mainly focus on developing country. In general, ODA’s activity includes military…

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