Ford Motor Company Swot Analysis

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1) Quality- they put the quality of their products first and foremost. Without a quality product, people will have no desire to waste their money or jeopardize their safety.

2) Customer Care- If you don't take care of the Customer, someone else will.

3) Constant Improvement- If the Ford Motor Company allowed them to remain stagnant in their environment, their competition would eventually have a huge advantage over them, because they would have newer and better product lines to offer.

4) Employee Involvement- Ford wants each and every employee to be involved in their company. The happier the employee, the better he works. It is all about feeling that they are part of the Ford Team. They also want their employees to think like consumers and not like employees of a car company. Once they start thinking like a consumer, they can cater more to the needs of their actual consumers because they will know what the consumers
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 Potential Entrants- A huge amount of capital is required to enter into the market to face the competition with the existing companies such as Toyota, General motors, Honda etc. The company will have to face entry barriers. This will incur them high capital investment expecting less profit with high expenses.

 Suppliers- The structure of industries can be changed by the bargaining power of the common suppliers. As the suppliers in this market are huge in numbers, and small- medium companies, it is easy for the manufactures to switch.

 Buyers- The bargaining power of consumers. The bargaining power of the consumer in automotive market is not based just on a single consumer. As this market is not dealing with consumer goods as the price of the car is high the demand grows rather slowly.

 Substitutes- These are the products or services, which may destroy the whole industry, and not just the existing structure. Substitutes are particularly important elements of competition, since they normally appear from directions where a challenge is not expected. In the case of cars the public transport system acts as a substitute to the
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And with the emerging competitors into the market in the past decades they had to bring the price down in-order to compete in the market. Whereas in India, when Ford entered the market with its Ford Escort in 1998, there were competitors, so they had to enter the market with the Market Pricing strategy. In India, as there are only assembling parts in India, the parts have to be imported from other parts of the world which has a value for cross border taxation purposes. So this is the cause for the increase in the price of car in India when compared to other parts of the

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